Mesquite Data and Information

One must do the required research when looking to move to a new location. Moving to Mesquite is no exception. It’s worth the effort to learn the ins and outs of the city, it’s economy, transportation, demographics, climate, housing, and of course leisure options. 

In this written piece we will attempt to cover all these topics and facts of Mesquite in a concise manner such that once you have been through it your decision-making process will become that much more seamless and easier.

Concrete Contractors at work in Mesquite TX
  1. Population. From its humble beginnings where its population was a mere 27k to now where it has a whopping 142,000 residents (good for 22nd place for the biggest cities in all of the United States). With almost 65% of its population being Caucasian, and the rest of the percentage having a nice blend of varying cultures, you will feel welcomed by this friendly city.
  2. Employment. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone when looking for a place to work. With some companies such as UPS, Sears, and Pepsi-Cola providing great work choices you will have nothing to worry about in terms of employment.
  3. Climate. As with all surrounding Texas cities, the weather is fairly consistent. The summer is scorching as ever, and the Spring and Fall seasons bring along some turbulent weather in the form of hailstorms and tornado warnings. Fear not though, these are very few and far between.
  4. Housing. The majority of the houses are family-owned with its own outer area. With the salary average of $80,000, it is no wonder there are so many homeowners in the area. The housing costs range from a high of $300,000 to a low of $20,000. The trend tells that, although the majority of people in Mesquite are well off, there are also low-income earners in the town, and the real estate pricing caters to them as well.