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    What’s a Stamped Concrete Patio?

    A stamped concrete patio is simply a concrete slab with a textured, embossed surface. The contractor:

    • Pours and smooths the slab.
    • Presses a pattern into the surface while the concrete is still wet and soft.
    • For realism, adds color to the concrete as it’s mixed, or sprays it on after the surface has been stamped.

    The patterns are made using large, flexible polyurethane stamps. The stamps are about 2-by-2-feet square and an inch or two thick, and they’re pressed into the wet concrete to create the textured finish.

    Concrete contractors may step on the stamps to press them into the decorative concrete or use a tamping tool. Before putting the stamp on the concrete, the contractor sprays the patterned side of the stamp with a release agent that prevents concrete from sticking to it.

    Using a colored release agent accents cracks and grout lines, giving the finish an “antique” look that enhances realism.

    One decorative pattern usually is a set that includes several stamps, each one with varying textures and shapes, so the overall pattern isn’t repeated too frequently. Stamps also have interlocking tabs so any grout lines align perfectly.

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    The Benefits of a Stamped Concrete Patio

    Aside from the endless selection of exquisite designs and classic looks, stamped concrete offers a wide range of benefits for any Dallas homeowner. Thanks to its natural, authentic appearance, stamped concrete easily blends in with existing stone, tiles, and stained, patterned concrete. We also make sure to use antiquing and highlighting products and sealers that incorporate cutting edge UV technology. This prevents fading and damage, particularly for flooring in outdoor living spaces, ensuring your patio looks and feels great for years to come.

    Stamped concrete is also much more affordable in the short and long term. Installation is easy and quick, and concrete materials cost much less than stone and pavers. Concrete patios also require less maintenance. The lack of joints and spaces means there’s no place for weeds to grow in your Mesquite residence. Maintenance is as easy as sweeping and washing stained surfaces to remove dirt. It’s simple, and with regular upkeep, your stamped concrete patio design should last for decades.

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    A brand new stamped concrete driveway for a customer in Mesquite, TX
    Stamped concrete patterns in Mesquite, TX

    Stamped Concrete Installation Process

    Color can be added into the concrete mix onsite. Heavy pavers or stones don’t need to be lifted in. Once the concrete is poured or pumped, the stamping only takes a day to mark the concrete and another day once set, to hammer and patch any chips or cracks. Once dry, it’s power washed and (usually) sealed. Compare this to natural stone, which must be installed stone by stone and can take many days to get right.

    When trying to decide which type of design work to move forward with, talk to contractors with plenty of experience in concrete pouring and design for recommendations based on the layout of your yard.

    Once the subgrade has been laid and compacted and the concrete has been poured and smoothed over, and hardened a bit, it’s time to stamp. There’s only a short window of time to complete the job before the concrete sets, so expect a team of at least three workers to complete the job.

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    Stamped Concrete patio in Mesquite, TX
    1. Coat the slab — Apply the color hardener. This is thrown on by hand and left to harden for about 10 minutes to absorb any water. Then apply a second layer of hardener.
    2. Cover the entire slab with release powder or liquid. These will give your concrete color contrasts and stop the mats from sticking.
    3. Coat the polyurethane stamping mats with release powder. Some mats will add texture while others will have the pattern on them. Make sure the concrete is ready — if your fingers leave a clean ¼” imprint in a few places, it’s ready.
    4. Begin stamping — Use the texture mats first and pre-texture around the edges of the slab. Mats are strategically placed next to each other leaving no spaces, and pressed on with the hands or feet. Concrete stamp tampers are even better than hands and feet, as they push the stamp into the concrete more evenly. Mats are usually marked so you can avoid any guessing work in their placement. Those mats are then lifted and fitted in place to form the next row. Add more release powder to the stamps if they start to stick. The pattern is repeated up to the edges of the patio and next to the house, with one person kneeling on each row of mats before it’s moved to make sure the grout joints are clear and deep enough.
    5. Edge and tidy — All edges mats won’t fit into are made to imitate the same pattern with a chisel and roller up to the edges. Chisels and rollers are used to make sure stamping lines/grout lines are clearly imprinted.
    6. Rinse and cure — Wash off excess release powder the next day. Have a curing phase of 3–4 days. Seal either that day or wait a few weeks for the concrete to cure. The instructions on the sealer should indicate the best way to go.
    7. Contraction joints — Cut contraction joints into the slab to allow for expansion and contraction of the concrete. A diamond bladed saw is usually used to do this.

    Stamped Concrete Patio Cost

    A stamped concrete patio in the Dallas, Texas area costs $10-$15 per square foot, professionally installed. Here’s a quick price comparison:

    • Plain concrete: $6-$12 per sq. ft.
    • Brick: $14-$20 per sq. ft.
    • Stone, slate, or marble: $17-$28 per sq. ft.
    • Concrete pavers: $13-$20 per sq. ft.
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    Outdoor Concrete Patio Ideas

    A low-maintenance, durable stamped concrete patio is the perfect foundation for an outdoor living space where you can both relax and entertain. Stamped concrete patios offer a wide variety of patterns and textures, with some mimicking the look of brick, tile and wood. Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing patio space, here are some stamped concrete patio ideas taken from our Texas residents for you to consider.

    Cobblestone patio in Mesquite, TX

    Stamped Concrete Patterns

    Decorative Concrete Overlays

    Flower Pattern

    Wood Plank Stamped Concrete

    Gray Circular Pattern

    The European Fan

    Colored concrete and Textures

    Cobblestone Twist

    Boulders and Stones

    DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

    Building a stamped concrete patio in Mesquite, Texas is a fairly simple process (at least relatively speaking), but only skilled DIYers should attempt it. That’s because concrete can be a tricky medium to work with:

    • It requires a properly installed base of compacted sand and gravel.
    • It’s heavy; you’ll need to be strong.
    • Concrete requires specialty tools to shape and smooth the surface (any specialty tool performs best in the hands of experienced contractors who know how to use it).
    • Concrete sets up relatively quickly. Once it starts to harden, it’s difficult to apply the stamps.
    • A mistake in concrete is permanent.
    • You can rent concrete stamps at rental outlets and concrete supply stores for about $25 per day per stamp. Doing your own work saves 20% to 50% of the cost of a professionally installed slab and stamped concrete finish.
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